Recycled Clothing

Our items are vintage and have been given a new life.

Zero Waste

Almost nothing from our store ends up in landfill.

Sustainably Shipped

Home compostable packaging via carbon neutral service.

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100% Recycled Clothing

Almost everything sold in our store was made 20+ years ago, with the exception of a few items that are handmade by Mia. We buy all our clothes exclusively from second hand and sustainable stores and encourage you to do the same if you can.

Every item we sell has been given a second life. Otherwise they might have ended up in landfill or cut up for rags like many donated clothes. For more info, please see the report by Foreign Correspondent, called Dead White Man's Clothes.

We are passionate about choosing items that will last you a lifetime. This means quality pieces in timeless and iconic styles. If you don't need them quite that long, they'll maintain their quality and often increase in value so that you can re-home them rather than throwing them away.

Natural fibres are our favourite - although unfortunately many vintage surfwear gems were made with synthetics. Please be aware that washing these items not only ages them more quickly, but can release micro-plastics, especially from fleece. Please spot clean where possible,  then choose to use a Microfiber Filter or bag such as a Guppyfriend, to help protect our waterways.

Our Packaging

We ship your items in home compostable mailers from Australian owned company Hero Packaging. Just chuck them in with your veggie peels and they'll decompose until they're worm dinner.

Sometimes we reuse plastic mailers - if you don't have a further use for them you can recycle at your local RedCycle Centre. They aren't much to look at, but we're committed to reducing our consumption by reusing what we have. We also include a note when one of these bags has been used so you know exactly what to do with it, and also to spread awareness about how and where to recycle soft plastics. 

What's Inside

We don't wrap our items in any fancy packaging like tissue paper, we just use a little string of raffia to keep your parcel looking neat - its a thin strip of palm leaf that is also compostable and sustainable.

We are working to find out more about the origin of the raffia that we use, to ensure it is farmed ethically and that workers are paid properly. (Estimated Completion: 2022)

Included in our parcel you'll find a note written on recycled paper. Our stickers are FCS certified and can be recycled.

Carbon Neutral

As well as sending our parcels to you via a carbon neutral delivery service, we offset all our emissions. This includes everything from our vehicles, to electricity use, and international shipments. Greenfleet is an amazing not-for-profit environmental organisation which supports local reforestation projects in order to offset carbon emissions.

Anyone can do this and it's affordable - we reckon you should jump on there now and offset your car. We know that carbon offset isn't perfect, but we believe that every little bit helps.

Zero Waste

While no one is perfect, our store is very close to being completely zero waste. Just like you, we're out here reusing wherever possible, composting, carefully sorting our recycling and soft plastics.

We don't want anything that we need to run our store, or anything that we send to you to end up in landfill or the ocean.

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By choosing us you're choosing sustainability.

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