If you want to rack up plays on a fresh release or be heard by thousands of new listeners, here's how you can get access our audience.

We're home to the largest vintage surfwear community. As well as selling our sustainable surfwear, we share vintage surf and lifestyle content. We have attracted an engaged following of 80K+ who are living or chasing the surf aesthetic.

"Surfwear & Sandy Birks" was our first venture into curated Spotify playlists and now has the attention of 7K+ regular listeners.

By adding your track to our Spotify playlists, or sharing it over our content, your music can reach thousands of potential new fans.

Our follower beg us for playlist updates so music promotion has become an integral part of our brand. We are excited to be supporting up-and-coming acts like yours.


In the process we'll also be promoting your socials. As well as linking to Spotify,  we'll tag your band page, personal accounts, manager & anyone else you'd like.

We create content that can easily be re-shared and which will ultimately help grow your listeners into a fanbase who are ready to pre-save new releases or buy tickets and merch. 

You can view some examples of some of our previous shares, highlighted on our IG under the tab "Playlists".


Last year we tracked results via a Tassie based duo, who have been on hiatus since January 2021. This means their new listeners have likely come directly from us. At this time they had only 500 monthly listeners.

In May last year, we added one of their lesser known tracks to our "Surfwear & Sandy Birks" playlist. The track received 2,000 new plays and their monthly listeners tripled. Our playlist has since grown considerably.


As we receive so many submission requests, we ask a small fee of $5.00AUD per track.

If your submission is successful, we will be in contact via email to arrange promotion, with packages starting at $20.00AUD. 

This model allows us to be compensated for the many hours we spend listening, content creating and curating, while not compromising the integrity of our playlists. 

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