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Do you keep missing our drops? We only have one of each item and they sell out fast. We've heard some of you are overseas and setting 3am alarms - and still missing out.

We drop a curated selection of vintage items here most days. 3-5 times a week is our goal.

We want our most loyal followers to be in with a shot, and we definitely don't want to be messing with your circadian rhythm.

So you now have the option to get first look and first dibs on our collections, before they're released to everyone else.


Looking at buying something? Or grabbing a sticker pack? Why not sign up and get shipping and stickers for free + all these extras. You can cancel any time.

Our Locals will have free express shipping storewide on every item they purchase, across Australia and NZ. To the rest of the world we'll provide free standard shipping.

Our sticker packs are valued at $10.00AUD and shipping would normally cost you at least that much - so you've already got great value.


In Locals Only, you will have access to exclusive offers and items.

You'll receive storewide discount codes and sales on items no one else will see.

You'll be able to enter frequent giveaways and competitions where you'll have much higher chances of winning.

You might even get your own password to a hidden Local's Only area on the website.


Are you curious about our lives and how we run our store? Do you want to come along when we source stock, head off on adventures and see more of what we do day-to-day?

IG Close Friends is where it will all be happening - your space to see a whole lot more of us and what we do.


We will always do our best to answer all our DM's, but it's an ocean in there.

Our Locals will have priority in our inbox - if you want us to source a specific item for you, chat about anything from vintage or vanlife to starting a store, this is for you.

Not only that but if you'd like to set up a conference call and pick our brains over zoom we're at your disposal. 

Sourcing specific items will now be exclusive to our Locals - we've loved offering this service to everyone, but it's just not possible anymore.

You'll also have a say in the future of Rag Snag. You'll be the first ones we come to with big ideas and your votes & opinions will help shape the future of our brand & community.


Is there a minimum sign up length?

You are free to cancel at any time via the link in the confirmation email you receive at sign-up.
You might want to join temporarily for early access to a particularly juicy item, for free shipping & stickers with your order, or you might want to be a member forever. It's completely up to you.

After joining we'll add you to our IG Close Friends. If you do decide to cancel we'll remove you from our close friends immediately - so we recommend waiting until the last day of your billing cycle for best value.

How much does it cost?

The price is capped to the subscription you sign up for, but it may become cheaper at our discretion.

The price is subject to change based on the quantity of gifts, discounts & free stuff were able to provide.Please visit the checkout for up to date pricing.

What are the T&C's 

You can view them here.